Welcome to Phenomenal Notions!

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Are you… planning an event?  hosing a party?  launching a small business?  Are you in need of assistance to make sure things are planned out accordingly?  Then you’ve arrived at the right place!  Welcome to Phenomenal Notions!

We are a full service event planning company.  Our purpose is to provide quality, stress-free and professional planning services at affordable prices.

Our goal is to make your vision come to life.   No matter if you are looking for someone to handle the entire day or just a little help along the way, we are by your side and ready to provide phenomenal service!  Allow us to transform your good ideas into Phenomenal Notions!

Sound interesting?  Let’s talk face-to-face or via phone…you can get to know us and we can get to know you.  Feel free to schedule your complimentary consultation via phone, e-mail or by visiting the “Contact Us” page.


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